Maison Maes relies on the know-how and traditional heritage of specialist makers recognised for several decades by luxury Houses. The artisans of these workshops have adapted their know-how to the innovative materials selected by the House, such as cactus leather.

All Maison Maes bags and small leather goods are entirely made in France.

For the jewellery that adorns them, the House has chosen to have it manufactured in Italy, by a partner who collaborates with the biggest French brands and who is very committed to environmental issues.

Discover the partners who work alongside Maison Maes.


To develop its models, Maison Maes has partnered from the start with Ateliers d'Armançon (part of the Maroquinerie Auguste Thomas Group) which have been working for the most renowned French Houses for more than 80 years.

Their remarkable expertise places them at the forefront of European manufacturers.

The artisans of these workshops have adapted their know-how to cactus leather to develop bags and accessories of absolute quality.


For the manufacture of its bags and accessories, Maison Maes works with the French family leather goods company Audouin & Fils, present in the Cholet region since 1947.

The maker’s customers include renowned brands in the fields of leather goods, furniture and luxury automobiles.

The expert gestures of its artisans allow the meticulous manufacture of products of flawless quality.


Maison Maes has its jewellery pieces (clasps, chains, buckles, etc) developed and manufactured by OBI, a family business founded in 1958 in the Florence region.

OBI is today a benchmark player in the production of custom metal parts for major French and Italian leather goods brands.

A fully integrated manufacturing process and state-of-the-art technology allow them to offer high-quality production.