We rely on the know-how and traditional heritage of specialist makers recognised for several decades by luxury Houses. The artisans of these workshops have adapted their know-how to the innovative materials we selected, such as cactus leather.

All Maison Maes bags and small leather goods are entirely made in France.

Discover the partners who work alongside Maison Maes.




To develop our models, we have partnered from the start with Les Ateliers d'Armançon (part of the Maroquinerie Auguste Thomas Group) which have been working for the most renowned French Houses for more than 80 years.

In all these years, the same values of work and respect for traditions have been passed on in the workshop.

A remarkable Savoir-Faire which puts today Les Ateliers d'Armançon and Maroquinerie Thomas at the forefront of European manufacturers for the Luxury industry. 

Maison Maes - haute maroquinerie sans cuir animal fabriquée en France - atelier - couture
Maison Maes - haute maroquinerie sans cuir animal fabriquée en France - atelier - teinture de tranche à la main


Born from the passion of a man for the craft of leather goods, the Baxo workshop has been established since 1982 in the south-west of France. It brings together a team of  passionate prototypists and artisans who work in synergy to manufacture high quality bags.

At Baxo, each artisan shapes leather with passion and care in order to perpetuate an ancestral craft. Beyond the traditional tools, the workshop is also equipped with advanced technologies, allowing the meticulous manufacture of products of absolute quality.


We have our jewellery pieces (clasps, chains, buckles, etc) developed and manufactured by OBI, a family business founded in 1958 in the Florence region.

OBI is today a benchmark player in the production of custom metal parts for major French and Italian leather goods brands.

A fully integrated manufacturing process and state-of-the-art technology allow them to offer high-quality production.

Maison Maes - 24-carat gold-platted Double M monogram