Care instructions

The Desserto® cactus leather with which Maison Maes bags and small leather goods are made is a material of plant origin that must be taken care of to preserve its beauty for a long time.

- If necessary, clean the cactus leather with a soft cloth moistened with clear water.
- Pad your product with tissue paper to preserve its shape and store it in its protective pouch. Do not enclose it in a plastic bag.

- Avoid contact with greasy substances (cosmetics, sunscreens, etc), perfumes or any liquid product. In case of contact with any of these products, dab with a soft, clear cloth to absorb it. In case of contact with a strongly coloured liquid, blot as quickly as possible.
- Avoid prolonged exposure of your product to heat and any source of intense light.
- Prevent any contact between your product and an abrasive surface. It could permanently damage the cactus leather.

For any questions relating to cactus leather and its maintenance, feel free to contact Customer Service at

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